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Who we are

    Datagate Systems was formed as a spinoff of Datagate Incorporated.  Our mission, building on their 30 years of experience, is to continue supplying quality and cost effective Depot Level repair, calibration and design services to the Federal Government, Aerospace, and the Commercial sector.

    By migrating their Engineering and Technical staff we can insure that you, our customer, continue to be able to depend on receiving this level of support.

    Our services are organized in three areas:

    • Depot level repair of complex electronic and instrumentation systems and equipment.
    • Engineering, design and manufacturing of a wide range of military equipment from computer and peripheral devices to RF systems, Radar, and ECM equipment.
    • Remote or on-site technical support anywhere in the world.

    We do not recognize end of service life on any brand or product. We continue to service until the equipment is no longer needed.

    Datagate Systems is a solutions company. No project is too small, equipment too old or a problem too difficult for us to tackle. We are not restricted by type of equipment, brand, age, or whether or not the equipment is COTS (commercial off the shelf) or specialized to a specific application.

Products Served

    Datagate Systems does not have a product line. For the past thirty years we have specialized in Hewlett-Packard based automatic test systems used in most weapons and aircraft ground based testing and manufacture. Because ATE systems include computers, instruments, power supplies and signal switching equipment we have a wealth of experience in all four areas, on many brands of equipment. In addition to commercial equipment we also repair specialized equipment. For example, we are the only source of repair for an RF system that is used to test the F16 aircraft’s radar system.

    We have the ability to design and manufacture RF amplifiers and associated equipment.

    Our equipment sustainment engineering effort includes the design and manufacture of form-fit-functional replacement components, boards or whole units when that becomes necessary due to obsolescence problems.

Datagate Systems is your partner in solving your obsolescence problems.

Please contact us with your problems.