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Information & Links

Over the years we have found several suppliers that have been both helpful and consistent.


  • The HP Computer Museum
    is located in Australia and has a tremendous library of data on HP's computer products. This coupled with historical notes and stories make the site a great reference.



  • Communication Amplifiers, LLC
    CommAmps provides high quality Solid State RF Power amplifiers as both building blocks and complete turn-key amplifier systems. While their amplifiers are available for a wide range of uses the basic design concept is 100% duty cycle 24/7 use.
  • Megown Test and Measurement
    A premier supplier of test equipment, Megown can be trusted to deliver a quality unit on time.
  • RFParts Company
    A long time supplier of RF components from High Power Tubes and Transistors to Amplifier Components and Built to order Co-Axial cables.

Related resources

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