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Below is a portion of our inventory.  We maintain an extensive inventory of hard to find HP components, mechanical parts, and assemblies for computer and instrumentation applications.

Manufacturer Part Number Description Qty
HP C2203A Disk, 670MB, HPIB, CS80 1
HP 97907A Disk Pack, 7907A 1
Quantum 4550S Drive, 4.5GB, SCSI 1
HP 7945A Drive, 45MByte, CS80 1
HP 7958B Drive, 158MByte, CS80 9
Seagate ST32550N Drive, 2GB, SCSI 8
Seagate ST34371WD Drive, ,SCSI Wide Differential 1
HP C2247-60064 Drive, 1GB, SCSI 2
HP C2490A Drive, 2GB, SCSI,FW Differential 8
HP A3351A Drive, 2GB, SCSI 4
HP C2235A Drive, 429MB, IDE 1
HP 07912-60200 Disk Mechanism, 65MB  1
HP 7914R Disk/Tape Unit, 132MB, CS80 3
HP 97536-60051 Drive, 305MB, ESDI (HP7959B) 1
HP C2247-60062 Drive, 1GB, SCSI 1
HP C2247-A-13 Drive, 1GB, SCSI 1
HP C3550-60026 Drive, 2GB, SCSI FW Differential 2
Seagate ST225 Drive, 20MB, MFM  2
Seagate ST31230W Drive, 1GB, SCSI 1
Priam V150 Drive, 45MB, ESDI (HP7941A) 1
Priam V170 Drive, 60MB, ESDI (HP7945A) 1
M1623TAU Drive, 1.7GB, 3.5" 1
Seagate ST4026 Drive, 40MB, MFM 1
Seagate ST4051 Drive, 40MB, MFM 2
HP 07470-60175 Drive ASSY (PAPER) 1
HP 97548-60051 Drive, 670MB, ESDI (HP C2203) 4
HP 07908-60340 Drive, Tape, Mechanism 1
HP A4910A Drive, 9.1GB,SCSI,  S.E. 1



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