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Replacement Parts

In response to requests for support on an increasing number of obsolete and non-OEM supported pieces of equipment Datagate Systems, LLC has designed a number of replacement parts and circuit boards.

DS0960-0466 - 12 Bit Parallel ADC

This PCA is a Form-Fit-Function replacement for the HP part number 0960-0466 Analog to Digital Converter.  This ADC was used in the HP 91000A DAS subsystem. The ADC accepts +/- 10.24 VDC inputs and provides 12 bit parallel output with 5mV resolution at 25K samples/Sec.  Internally the ADC operates at 600K samples/Sec and utilizes an onboard sample and hold.  This feature provides a more stable output data word.

DGS0960-0466 12bit ADC

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DS0960-0381  +/- 15VDC DC-DC PS PCA

This PCA is a Form-Fit-Function replacement for the HP 0960-0381. The PCA has a +5VDC input and provides Isolated +/- 15VDC at 160ma The pin-outs are similar to the Murata PWR1546A or the Mega Electronics M6WWRA0515YMD.

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