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DGS-150205 10 MHz 6 Channel Distribution Amplifier

The DGS-150205 10 MHz 6 Channel Distribution Amplifier provides 6 filtered, buffered outputs suitable for driving test equipment reference inputs.

The Distribution Amplifier has an overall gain of 4dBm with a maximum input of +12dBM. The standard model output if filtered with a 7 pole LPF. This filter insures that 2nd harmonic is better than -47dB, 3rd better than -60dB, and greater harmonics better than -70db below input carrier level (plus gain). Optionally the LPF can be removed to provide a 1 MHz to 1600 MHz Distribution Amplifier.

All inputs and outputs are internally terminated in 50 Ohms to provide a good match to both up and down stream equipment. Additionally the output terminations remove the requirement to externally terminate unused outputs.

DGS-150205 10 MHz 6 Channel Distribution Amplifier is available as a bare board, a user assembled kit, an assembled board or a completed packaged unit. This allows the designer the flexibility to use the Distribution Amplifier as a stand-alone part of a test system or built into a new product.

6 Channel Distribution Amplifier

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