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Replacement Components and Subassemblies
Extending the service life of mature products often requires designing and producing new subassemblies.  Datagate Systems examines these problems and develops solutions for them. 

If you have a requirement to maintain equipment past the OEM's end-of-life please contact our Engineering department for assistance in developing a solution to your problem.

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DG-172A Modular Switch System
The DG-172A Modular Switch System Consists of a DG-172A Modular Switch and a customer defined array of up to 16 relay switching PCAs,  the base DG-172A is a form-fit-function replacement for the Hewlett-Packard 9400B (HP9400B) adding option -001 provides compatibility with the Boeing 72D225784-1005, NSN 5930-01-521-1658.

Housed in the DG172A are up to 16 relay PCAs that provide varying signal switching options.  Currently we have redesigned 3 of HP's Relay PCAs for use in this system.  These PCAs utilize modern hermetically sealed relays and surface mount technology providing a longer MTBF than the original PCAs.

DG-225715 Guarded Crossbar Scanner
The DG-225715 provides an update/repair path for users of the Hewlett Packard 2911A and the McDonnell Douglas 72D225715-1001. This package is designed to be a two way interchangeable with the 72D225715 and replacing the OEM Motherboard (72D225718-1001) with our  DG225715 and 10 OEM daughter cards (72D225721-1001) with our DG225721. After the update OEM daughter cards are two-way interchangeable with the new DG225721 PCAs. The DG-225715 is two-way interchangeable with the HP 2911A.

There are no changes required to external interconnects with this upgrade. Datagate Systems has improved both the reliability and ease of repair while lowering cost by utilizing modern construction techniques and off-the-shelf components.

DGS-150205 6 Channel Distribution Amplifier
The DGS-150205 provides the ability to deliver the output your 10MHz Frequency Standard to up to 6 pieces of equipment. This allows you to improve the accuracy of measurements made in your lab.

This unit is equipped with a 15MHz low pass filter to which insures the spectral purity of the output signal. Each output is internally terminated in a 3dB pad so external terminations are not required. Overall the DGS-150205 has 4dB of gain which will allow the unit to drive extended length cables. Optionally the low pass filter may be omitted and the unit will function as a wide band (1MHz to 1600MHz)distribution amplifier.

The unit is available as a kit, with all parts, an assembled PCA, or a completed unit.

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DG3325-66523 3325A/B Attenuator Replacement PCA
The DG3325-66523 is a form-fit-function replacement for the OEM attenuator PCA.

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