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91000A Analog to Digital interface

The Hewlett Packard 91000A (HP 91000A) is a 20KHz analog-to-digital plug-in PCA used in the HP 2100A, 21MX-M, 21MX-E, and 21MX-F.  This card receives external analog information on either 8 differential or 16 single ended channels.

While the PCA has long been obsolete it is still widely used.  Datagate Systems has established a repair program for these popular cards.

Central to this repair effort is a newly designed 12bit Analog to Digital converter. The converter is pin compatible with the OEM unit and utilizes a more stable, modern A/D which allows the 91000A to provide more stable signal analysis.

This PCA has been provided under the following part numbers and NSNs:

  • NSN: 5998-01-134-9256, Boeing Aircraft Company: 406-0053-007
  • NSN: 7025-01-137-2590, Boeing Aircraft Company: 406-0053-017
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