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9411A/B Signal Switching System

During the late 1970's HP introduced a new, updated signal switching system for automatic test systems.  This system offered HPIB interfacing and was supported by the newer, at the time, 21MX-E and 21MX-F processors.  Because of the HPIB command structure this system is useable with the latest computerized auto test systems.   It's small foot print and ease of customization makes it ideal for new applications.

Similar to the 9400B system the system controller (9411A/B) supported a user definable complement of  relay PCAs (SPST, DPDT, and 3PDT), a Distribution card, and a logic level driver storage card  housed in a Modular Switch chassis (9412A). Additionally dual 4x1 and single 8x1 co-axial VHF switches were housed in a stand alone chassis (9413A). Interfacing to the UUT was through a test patch panel (9414A)

HP/Agilent P/N Description  
9411A/B Switch Controller  Call$
9412A Modular Switch Call$
94120A Measurement Scanner PCA
(94120-60016, 94120-66501, 5998-01-092-5799)
94120B General Purpose Relay PCA
(94120-60017, 94120-66502, 5998-01-090-1184)
94120C Reed Relay PCA
(94120-60018, 94120-66503, 5998-01-090-1185)
94120D Driver Storage PCA
94120E Distribution PCA
(94120-60020, 94120-66505, 5998-01-139-6686)
9413A VHF Co-Axial Switch Matrix Call$
  Dual 1x4 VHF Co-Axial Switch
  Single 1x8 VHF Co-Axial Switch

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